Harris Addressing The Media

by Glen Bart

Getting more reliable service from LIAT means greater investment in the company, along with the necessity for restructuring its managerial and administrative support, said Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas.

Speaking to the media at his monthly press conference, the prime minister indicated that some of LIAT’s existing and potential new investors are considering the restructuring of the company, and disclosed that Venezuela is one of those countries presently considering investing in LIAT. He said tackling the issues and the challenges of LIAT was important, given its importance in moving CARICOM nationals around the Eastern Caribbean.

The quest to find affordable and convenient means of moving around the Caribbean has encouraged Caribbean tourism and transportation officials to consider marine transportation, and Trinidad and Tobago interests had proposed fast-boat inter-island ferry services a few years ago.

The prime minister said that he had not heard much about it recently, but it is not off the table. “Introducing reliable and competitive marine travel is one of the options we would have for the future, and a country like Trinidad and Tobago might be the best to do it, considering it has no serious challenges at the moment with fuel costs.”

Meanwhile, he said that St. Kitts and Nevis continues its effort to diversify the economy, including agriculture, which he described as a “critical sector that needs to be developed.”

The pursuit of “high-end” tourism continues to be a primary focus for government, a strategy he claimed has had success, hinting that the policy would continue for some time.

“With tourism indicators showing improvements from the economic recession, there would be continuity along this path,” the prime minister stated.