By Suelika N. Buchanan

The Observer

Parade troupes are gearing up for carnival with promotional launching through out the Federation.

Last Friday, Nov. 4 at the carnival launching at Independence Square, Earth Synergy troupe was launched. On Sunday at the Gem Family Rave, Choices Knowing Is Beautiful HIV/AIDS troupe was then launched.

Cindy Jones of Basseterre is eagerly awaiting the celebrations of National Carnival this year and with good reason.

For the first time ever she will be taking the advice of the National Carnival Committee and will be having her very own Parade of Troupe on display.

Over the years the committee has encouraged patrons to take up the initiative of organizing Carnival Parade Troupes and J’Ouvert morning street jam troupes instead of depending on the committee.

Jones reason for having the troupe is simple.

“Carnival is just not what it use to be,” she said. “And, instead of me sitting back and complaining year after year like everyone else about the little troupes on display, I have decided to start my own.”

The name of her troupe is Creation Mas and the theme for this year is “Insomnia.”

The categories that fall under the theme are Sleepless, Heat Wave, Red Lights, Night Owl and Sunrise.

“The few years that I have been back, the feedback about Carnival that I get from people is that they enjoy the music but wish there could have been more troupes, because it’s apart of our culture,” Jones said.

“And I love mas too, I’ve been playing ever since I was a little girl where I always look forward to Christmas and Carnival time, there you try to forget about your problems and just have fun,” she said.

The costumes were designed by Julian Polland and his team, out of St. Vincent. The costumes will be built in St. Kitts.

So far two major bands in the Federation have been contacted to play for the troupe while Jones said they are looking for participants from other neighbouring islands to sign up for the troupe.

Persons can register to online at This site will also be used in promoting the National Carnival in The United States, Canada and Europe.

“We want to bring back the Carnival alive, it was here before Music Festival and this what I’m doing by having the troupe is something I’ve always wanted to do and don’t mind doing,” Jones said.