CARTAC collaborates with Government of Saint Lucia

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The Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Centre (CARTAC) collaborated with the Government of St. Lucia to provide vital technical assistance in the realm of green financing. Responding to St. Lucia’s request, CARTAC conducted a three-day, in-person training seminar from February 5 – 7, 2024, aimed at bolstering the capacity of the Debt and Investment Unit, in the Department of Finance.
The seminar, spearheaded by CARTAC, focused on three key areas:
1. Medium-Term Debt Strategy (MTDS) Alignment: Participants received a comprehensive refresher on the Medium-Term Debt Strategy and its integration with climate financing needs and objectives.
2. Investor and Instrument Knowledge: Attendees further gained insights into various investor profiles and instrument types pertinent to green financing. Detailed discussions on these instrument types and contracts equipped participants with practical tools for effective financial negotiations and management.
3. Best Practices Sharing: Highlighting success stories, the seminar featured experiences from a nation that has successfully accessed green financing and seamlessly incorporated it into its debt management strategy. This sharing of insights fostered an exchange of best practices, inspiring St. Lucia to potentially, navigate similar pathways toward achieving its climate financing goals.
Ms. Nadia Henry, CARTAC resident Debt Management Advisor, and IMF Expert Cesar Arias, facilitated the seamless coordination and success of the event.
The collaboration between CARTAC and the Government of St. Lucia underscores a shared commitment to fostering sustainable financial practices whilst accelerating the transition towards a greener economy.
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