If you want to know the causes of your sleeping too much, read this article and know that it is a complex and intricate problem which at times might need medicinal help.

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book. ~Irish Proverb Yes sleep is considered to be a blissful thing that rejuvenates us from all day’s stress and strain. If you do not get enough sleep you will feel tired the whole day and some people cannot even sleep during the to compensate for the sleepless night. Sleep has powers to revitalize human body but if there is too less or too much sleep, your body would not respond positively to this phenomenon. Yes today we would discuss about the causes of sleeping “too much” which is also a kind of sleep disorder.

Causes of Oversleeping

There are several causes as to why a person sleeps too much but some of the common causes are stress, lack of self-discipline and poor sleep in some of the previous days. These are some of the temporary causes that can be got rid of with a little will power and determination or probably with the change of phase but there are some causes, which are to be dealt with clinically and are not as simple as the previous ones. Lets discuss some of these causes in details.

*          Sleep Apnea- Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder, which is more about trouble to breathe, which results in frequent disturbances in long and deep sleep, thus leaves the person tired and slow even if he has slept for 10 hours. It is a severe problem when people start falling asleep while driving and at work. The worst part of the disease that most of the people who have Sleep Apnea do not even know that they are suffering due to such conditions because they do not remember getting up in the night gasping for breath so they do not take any actions to stop it from happening.

The breathing trouble happens so that the muscles of the walls of the throat tend to relax as the individual starts relaxing and as result of which the air flow inside the body stops and either the individual gets up to breathe or he or she fails to go to a deep level of sleep which actually regenerates and freshens our mind and body. Some of the symptoms of this kind of disease are dozing off to sleep irrespective of the place, heavy snoring and headaches in the morning. Mostly reducing the weight can treat this disorder.

*          Narcolepsy-Unlike Sleep Apnea Narcolepsy is a neurological, problem that leads to over sleeping. This neurological problem hits that part of the brain, which controls and regulates sleep. People who have narcolepsy fail to identify and distinguish between the times to sleep and the times to remain awake. Such people can fall asleep anywhere and anytime. It is often considered to be hereditary disease and it actually changes the lifestyle of a person and clinical help is a must in case of Narcolepsy.

A patient of Narcolepsy might fall asleep for seconds or even for an hour but when these patients get up they feel refreshed and energetic but this condition does not prevail for long. They start feeling sleepy again. It is a hereditary disease but then there are environmental problems also that play a major role. It is said that people who suffer from Narcolepsy lack in the protein called Hypocretin, which actually regulates the inclinations to fall asleep.