Cayon Man Hospitalized With Multiple Gunshot Wounds LK Hewlett Story Updated: September 28th 2015 at 2:20 pm Imran Christopher shot multiple times Sunday night
The village of Cayon has again been struck by gun violence less than two weeks after a young man and his friend were gunned down there. Police inform that at approximately 8:40 last night (Sept 27) Imran Christopher, 23, of Lower Cayon ” was on his way home when he was attacked by two (2) unknown assailants who discharged their firearms at him”. Christopher was hit in the jaw, arm and shoulder. The Observer understands the shooting took place in the vicinity of Penny’s. According to a source close to the victim, the young man reportedly ran to his home just off the island main road, not far from where he was shot. Christopher reportedly did not alert anyone to his injuries but fled to the shower. A relative took him to the JNF hospital for treatment. The village has in recent years become known as a crime hotspot, more so for gun-related crimes. Police and politicians for the area have all beseeched the community to come forward with information so that authorities can catch the perpetrators. On September 17, 21-year-old Jason Morton of Hermitage Village was shot to death as he entered the yard to his residence. A gunman reportedly lay in wait for the victim in his own yard. Morton was hit in the eye, neck and chest, while his companion, 17-year-old, Anthony Pringle of Shear Lane, Basseterre, was struck in the shoulder. He ran from the scene in the direction of the Cayon Police Station and from there was taken to the JNF hospital for treatment. Police continue their appeal to the public for persons to relay any information they may have regarding these and other crimes to Crime stoppers or their nearest police station.