CCC launches internet superspeed

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Caribbean Communications is proud to announce a significant upgrade in its residential and business internet options. According to Lee Bertman, CEO, “This has been made possible by a fourfold upgrade in our network capacity – and this is just the beginning.”

All current CCC Internet customers will experience faster speeds at no additional cost to them. Service upgrades will be automatic  on September 18, 2007.

ChoiceNet customers, who appreciate this low cost option, will be upgraded to 256/256 kb/s – all at the same low price of EC$85 per month. This is a unique offering of Caribbean Communications, perfect for very light users who just need fast email access and web surfing.

Silver customers will be upgraded to 1544/2048 kb/s (a total of 3.6 Megs) for the same low price of EC$98 per month. This service level is perfect for customers who need higher speed downloads.

Gold customers will be upgraded to 1544/3072 kb/s (a total of 4.6 Megs) for the same low price of EC$144 per month. This service level is recommended for households with multiple users who require high speed downloads.

Platinum customers will receive 1544/6144 kb/s (a total of 7.7 Megs). Customers with multiple users needing high speed downloads will appreciate this service. The cost is only EC$239 per month.

The company offers three new business services: SelectNet One, Two and Three which offer data rates up to a total of 9.7 Megs. Caribbean Communications will assist business customers in choosing the business plan that best suits their needs.

“These new offering are unbeatable. And they are available no matter where you are on island. With our advanced technology, fiber/coax system high-speed service is available island-wide” stated Evernson Walters, IT Manager.

“We sell quality. Our goal is to give you high speed reliability and great customer service. Because we stand by our service we don’t require a 12 month contract” Nicole Hanley, Nevis Manager, added.

Prospective customers are invited to come into our office to order these new services or call 869-469-5988 to speak to our customer service representatives for more information. You may also visit for further details.

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