CCJ Debuts Electronic Court Management System CCJ, Port of Spain.

Sir Dennis Byron President of the CCJ
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President of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), the Right Hon. Sir Dennis Byron has promoted greater use of technology within regional judiciaries.

In January 2017, this drive was enhanced by creation of Curia, a bespoke electronic court management software suite. It includes an electronic filing platform, also referred to as e-Filing.

The court issued a practice direction which took effect Jan. 10 when the Court term opened for 2017.

“Technological solutions will enable the CCJ, and courts in the region, to be more efficient and responsive,” he said.  At the CCJ this process started some time ago when it introduced filing by email in 2013.

The transition to e-Filing, which the new court management software facilitates, is a logical progression that allows litigants to file documents online and enhances access to the Court and greater access to justice.” the CCJ President said.

Sir Dennis said since inception technology has been successfully integrated into the operations of the CCJ. The court management software currently has three modules called Folio, Attaché, and Sightlines.

Folio is the name for the electronic filing platform which registered participants can access using the Court’s website, Attaché is a case management system that allows the CCJ to manage court matters from the time an attorney files a case to the delivery of judgment.

The system also offers a performance management tool kit for judges and administrators of the Court, called Sightlines, which provides access to data and reports which will make administration more transparent and accessible.

The new court management software suite was designed by Courtechs, a technology company with offices in the United States and the Caribbean, that specialises in services for the legal services sector and the judiciary.

This new development is part of the CCJ’s mandate to strengthen, and accelerate, regional judicial development.

The CCJ President showcased the software at the 4th Biennial Conference of the Caribbean Academy for Law and Court Administration (CALCA) in St Maarten in October 2016 to the Caribbean legal profession and judiciary.

The CCJ President stated, “The CCJ regards technology as a vital tool for enhancing and increasing efficiency, for measuring performance and generally for fulfilling the mandate of the Court.

“By embracing modern technology, courts can become more efficient and effective in producing just and fair resolution of disputes. This will lead to increased public trust and confidence in the judicial system.

“This, in turn, will hasten the reduction of lawlessness and increased innovation. Both of which can contribute to economic development and social stability in the region.”

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