The Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) leader the Hon.Vance Amory will be stepping down from his role after 30 years and handing the job to his deputy leader the Hon. Mark Brantley during the group’s convention Sunday, October 29.

The convention will be held from 4 pm at the Nevis Performing Arts Centre at 4 pm. The evening will culminate with entertainment and refreshments in the courtyard.

Keynote speaker will be Dwyer  Astaphan. And a short film reflecting CCM’s as a party for the last 30 years will be shown.

The Observer spoke with party chairperson and junior minister in the Nevis Island Administration Hazel Brandy –Williams who noted the handing over of leadership will take place at the event.

“At this upcoming convention we should see the symbolic handing over of leadership, from the Hon Vance Amory to hon. Mark A.G Brantley,” she said.

She says the convention has two main events, a business  session and a rally . The business session which will have in attendance members of the party and selected supporters.

“We will discuss the affairs of the party if there is any business to ratify, you ratify them at that session. At this session there will be the ratification of the party’s constitution. We have done some work on the constitution so we have to table it. This is voted on,” she said.

Explaining further Brandy-Williams said, “We would have the new executive elected at an executive meeting and accepted at a convention.”

In April the Mark Brantley was nominated by Hon. Alexis Jeffers to serve as Party Leader and              Jeffers was in turn nominated by Mark Brantley to serve as Deputy Leader.

Brantley has been a part of the CCM party for just about 10 years and is the current representative in both the Nevis Island Assembly and the Federal Assembly.

CCM’s St. George’s constituency group met  April 1 to cast votes for persons to replaced Amory as elected representative of Gingerland. Three persons were nominated, Mr. Eric Evelyn, Mr. Stedmon Tross, the current Cabinet Secretary, and Mr. Roger Fyfiel. Evelyn and Tross were nominated and seconded. Fyfield was not seconded. The constituency group then unanimously voted for Evelyn over Tross. Evelyn accepted the call to be the new candidate for the Concerned Citizens Movement, (CCM), in St George, Gingerland.

Brandy-Williams was  unanimously nominated as Party Chairperson.

Other nominations are said to include Keith Scarborough – nominated Deputy Chairperson, Lorna Hunkins – nominated Secretary, Oscar Walters – nominated Treasurer and Timothy Caines – nominated Public Relations Officer.

The second session of the convention will have speeches from the new leader  and area representatives. There will also be greetings from Unity Government, the People’s Action Movement  and the People’s Labor Party.