CDB approves grant for agriculture project in Jamaica

From the CDB

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) will provide a grant of GBP$974,000 to the government of Jamaica to prepare a feasibility and design study for the development of an agriculture project for communities in the parishes of St. Catherine and Clarendon.

The St. Catherine and Clarendon Agricultural Development project is being funded through a grant from the United Kingdom Caribbean Infrastructure Partnership Fund (UKCIF), which is administered by CDB.

“The agriculture sector plays a significant role in Jamaica’s socioeconomic development, and provides employment opportunities for rural residents,” said Andrew Dupigny, head of infrastructure partnerships, CDB. “In St. Catherine and Clarendon, there are large areas of land [that] are being underutilised [that] could provide opportunities for expanding the sector. The plans and designs developed under this feasibility study will lay the groundwork for a project to enhance the productivity of farmers in these parishes.”

The feasibility study will establish capacity for an agriculture project, including an irrigation system and associated production and marketing systems. Challenges for the agriculture sector in Jamaica include irregular rainfall patterns and an increase in the frequency of droughts. Clarendon and St. Catherine were among six areas identified for the development of major irrigation systems in Jamaica, of which three have been completed. One is being financed through a previously approved UKCIF grant.

UKCIF provides grant financing to eight Caribbean countries eligible for overseas development assistance and UK overseas territory Montserrat.

This project is consistent with CDB’s strategic objective of supporting inclusive and sustainable growth and development, as well as CDB’s corporate priority of supporting agriculture and rural development.