Caribbean COVID-19 Totals, CDC Issues Cruise Warning, Rough Start for Airlines, Boosters for US Teens, More

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Coronavirus cases in the Caribbean to date: 2,266,904

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Confirmed Caribbean coronavirus cases as of today, January 3, 2022

  • Cuba- 966,942 cases, 8324 deaths, 956,792 recovered
  • Dominican Republic- 421,953 cases, 4249 deaths, 409,026 recoveries
  • Puerto Rico- 199,965 cases, 3310 deaths
  • Jamaica- 92, 177 cases, 2476 deaths, 65,813 recovered
  • Trinidad and Tobago- 92,659 cases, 2914 deaths, 74,266 recovered
  • Guadeloupe- 56,035 cases, 750 deaths, 2250 recovered
  • Suriname- 52,895 cases, 1190 deaths, 49,089 recovered
  • French Guiana- 48,937 cases, 339 deaths, 11,254 recovered
  • Martinique- 48,473 cases, 779 deaths, 104 recovered

  • Guyana- 40, 060 cases, 1055 deaths, 37,708 recovered
  • Belize- 32,840 cases, 602 deaths, 30,604 recovered
  • Barbados- 28,960 cases, 262 deaths, 27,213 recovered
  • Haiti- 25,985 cases, 766 deaths, 23, 289 recovered
  • Bahamas- 25,285 cases, 717 deaths, 21,840 recovered
  • Curacao- 22,551 cases, 189 deaths, 18,323 recovered
  • Aruba- 21,471 cases, 181 deaths, 18,175 recovered
  • Saint Lucia- 13,816 cases, 301 deaths, 13,183 recovered
  • US Virgin Islands- 10,106 cases, 89 deaths, 7867 recovered
  • Cayman Islands- 8943 cases, 12 deaths, 5237 recovered
  • Dominica- 6862 cases, 47 deaths, 6485 recovered
  • Bermuda- 6420 cases, 110 deaths, 5788 recovered
  • Grenada- 6306 cases, 200 deaths, 5694 recovered
  • St Vincent and the Grenadines- 5952 cases, 83 deaths, 5305 recovered
  • Sint Maarten- 5301 cases, 75 deaths, 4683 recovered
  • Antigua and Barbuda- 4283 cases, 119 deaths, 4063 recovered
  • Saint Martin- 4250 cases, 58 deaths, 1399 recovered
  • Turks and Caicos- 3562 cases, 26 deaths, 3220 recovered
  • British Virgin Islands- 3492 cases, 39 deaths
  • Bonaire- 3446 cases, 23 deaths
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis- 3252 cases, 28 deaths, 2793 recovered

  • Saint Barthelemy- 1895 cases, 6 deaths
  • Anguilla- 1674 cases, 5 deaths, 1640 recovered

  • Saba- 57 cases, 26 recovered

  • Montserrat- 53 cases, 1 death, 44 recovered
  • Sint Eustatius- 46 cases, 30 recovered

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CDC designates cruises a “Level 4” travel warning

Our now daily ritual of checking new COVID guidelines continued over the weekend as the CDC announced it is strongly advising Americans to avoid cruises regardless of vaccination status.

The news sent cruise line stocks on a brief downward spiral, compounding what has been a rough few weeks for the industry. December saw several high-profile outbreaks force port closures and onboard passenger quarantines despite high vaccination rates and routine testing.

But it looks like the Level 4 advisory isn’t stopping much. Multiple ships set sail over the weekend and plenty more are scheduled for the rest of the week.


Rough start to 2022 for airlines

Those in the airline industry hoping for a fresh start in 2022 were bitterly disappointed as the Omicron variant continued to cause chaos across the world.

In the US alone, where winter storms are exacerbating the situation, more than 2,700 flights were canceled on both Saturday and Sunday, with a further 1,800 already grounded as of 7 am this morning. Since Christmas Eve, there have been over 15,000 cancellations.

Staff shortages due to positive COVID tests continue to be a dominating factor. To counteract this, some airlines are increasing incentives for those willing to work extra flights. United tripled the pay for pilots working extra routes, while Spirit doubled onboard staff pay through January 4th.


The Netherlands Mandate 10 Day Quarantine Period For Americans

The Netherlands has begun enforcing a new mandatory quarantine period for travelers from the US. The rule applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers.

However, the US isn’t being singled out. The UK and several other countries with steadily rising COVID rates all face similar restrictions. The Netherlands itself is currently in lockdown due to its own COVID woes.

Visitors can get out of quarantine early with a negative test on the fifth day…although, with a national lockdown in place, you may as well hang out in your hotel room.


Boosters OK’ed for 12- to 15-year-olds

coronavirus COVID-19 community spread vaccine development food and drug administration FDA approval emergency use authorization two month new safety recommendations tensions CDC public health block

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday authorized Pfizer booster shots for people aged 12 to 15 years, another expansion in the population eligible for the third shots.

Booster shots are seen as a key tool in fighting the omicron variant, which has shown a heightened ability to infect people who have received two shots, though vaccinated people still have important protection against severe disease.

The FDA also shortened the time for all adults to get their booster shots, down to five months from six months after the initial shots.

Finally, for children 5 to 11 years old, the FDA authorized a third shot for certain immunocompromised children, who it said might not respond fully to two shots.

The FDA said the decision on boosters for 12- to 15-year-olds was based off data from 6,300 people in Israel.

“These additional data enabled the FDA to reassess the benefits and risks of the use of a booster in the younger adolescent population in the setting of the current surge in COVID-19 cases,” the agency said. “The data shows there are no new safety concerns following a booster in this population.”

The FDA said there were no new cases of myocarditis in that group from Israel, referring to heart inflammation that officials have been monitoring as a rare vaccine side effect, particularly in younger people.

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