Central Statistics Office To Launch Two Strategic Initiatives

Sean Mathurin, DIrector Of Statics.
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There is light on the horizon for the 2022 National Population and Housing Census, which has entered the data processing and analysis phase having recently completed the challenging enumeration phase of the census. Director of Statistics at the Central Statistics Office, Sean Mathurin, indicated that his office is looking forward to the media launch of the preliminary census report by June 2024.

Sean Mathurin, DIrector Of Statistics.

“We anticipate or we are working towards bringing on board the international consultant that would assist with the data analysis and processing mid-February. The consultant will be engaged for a duration of three months. So bearing that in mind we are working towards having the preliminary report for the census and the accompanying results sometime around May or June of this year.”

Mathurin added that preparatory work has commenced with the Ministry of Agriculture to undertake an agricultural and fisheries census during this fiscal year. He however said that a small number of enumerators are still on the ground completing the Enterprise Census.

“We anticipate that this data collection phase for the enterprise census will extend into March and thereafter we will move to the data analysis phase and processing for the Enterprise Census.”

The Central Statistics Office will soon launch two strategic initiatives that will position the department to better serve the data needs of the public.  The first is a national strategy for the development of statistics. This is an action plan for the development of statistics consistent with the government’s Medium Term Development Strategy.

“The other strategic initiative that we have ongoing is the revision and strengthening of the Statistical Act. We have been collaborating with the Attorney General’s Chambers in that regard to strengthen our existing Statistical Act. And, we would be seeking the services of a consultant to review that act before it is presented to Parliament.”

The Director of Statistics in thanking the public also appealed for their continued cooperation in the ongoing enterprise census and soon-to-be-launched agricultural and fisheries censuses.

“Because this information is invaluable as it relates to the formulation of policies and as it relates to decision making at the highest level and also at the business level, students who require this for their SBAs. So it’s critical that the public collaborate with our enumerators to ensure that the data that we’re requesting is provided.”

Enumerators should present an ID card bearing the logo of the Central Statistics Office and the name of the enumerator however he said if a respondent has any safety concerns about the authenticity of an enumerator they can contact the office at telephone numbers 468-1577 or 452-4410.

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