Chalkkie Makes Plea For Shorter Sentence

Steadroy ‘Chalkie’ Scott (Photo SKNVibes)
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By Loshaun Dixon

Steadroy ‘Chalkie’ Scott made a passionate plea in the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal on Wednesday Morning (12th October) for a reduced sentence of his 10 year jail term.

Scott was convicted and sentenced to serve 10 years in prison with hard labour for wounding with intent and unlawful wounding of Kareem Richards in 2011.

Scott and Richards got into an altercation which left the later nursing stab wounds from a sharp object and the former having escaped the scene and fled to KFC where he was confronted by some of Richards’ co-workers.

Scott representing himself, opened his arguments begging the justices of appeal for mercy and claimed that he was only appealing his sentencing and not the conviction.

Scott indicated that it was the first time he committed a crime of that nature and he felt that a 10 year sentence was a too harsh of a punishment.

He stated that he had already served five years of the sentence having being found guilty in 2012 and had being on remand since 2011.

Scott argued that the victim during the trial admitted to troubling him first. He added that it was eight individuals who attacked him and all he was trying to was to defend himself citing a bullet that is logged in his back and fear that the men could cause it to move and cripple him.

The Justices of Appeal however reminded Scott that the injuries suffered by the victim were serious and that could not be left out.

Scott in response gave a passionate plea to the three Justices of Appeal.

“I know I am guilty and I am sorry…I am a changed man. I want to be around my children and my mother who is ill.”

In his presentation Director of Public Prosecution indicated that he was not present at the case management hearing and that the record of the case could not be found. He requested that the case be adjourned until Thursday by which he would have had taken a look at the full circumstances of the case.

The Justices agreed and adjourned the matter until 2:00pm on Thursday, 13th October.

Also facing the Appeals Court on Tuesday Morning were Quincy Davis (Unlawful Carnal Knowledge), Sylvester Merchant (Unlawful Carnal Knowledge), Carl Matthew (Shooting with intent to cause grievous bodily harm) and Razba Matthew (Manslaughter) who all had there matters adjourned until the next sitting of the Appeal court in S. Kitts.

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