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By Teshell Samuel

Observer Reporter

The excitement is coming back.

The Challengers Rural West Second Annual Basketball League is scheduled to begin in early February says league President and Treasurer Riddelle T. Marshall.

The league made its debut on the February 11, 2007 under the guidance of Mr. Marshall with 10 teams being registered to take part. The teams included Boozers, Rebels, Heights, Project, Playaz and Halfway Tree from the rural areas. Holy Cross, Basseterre High School, Hitters Jr. and Village were from the Basseterre area.

Currently Mr. Marshall is seeking sponsorship for this year’s league. Marshall along with Mr. Glen Simmonds a member of the league’s committee were sole contributors of the trophies, balls and other prizes at last year’s league. Other members of the committee included Vice President Jermaine “Duce” Wilkin, Secretary Jarred Cotton, Head Scorer Lynetta Grant and Jeremy “Slam” Harrigan.

Last year’s league was won by the Rebels, which consisted of national players, brothers Marvin and Kevin Davis and Ansel Revan. The Rebels won two games of the three-game series final championship against the Heights team. Heights and Playaz finished second and third and respectively.

This year the Rebels will try to retain their title with minus Marvin Davis, who is now playing junior college basketball in Florida.

During each game a man of the match was chosen and rewarded with three free drinks of their choice from the bar, which made the games more competitive and exciting, Mr. Marshall said.

During the second game of the finals, the Nu Vybes Band played at the Challengers hard court, the venue of all the games, and drew a larger crowd than normal.

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