The Charlestown Secondary school has been named the 2017 Warner’s One Stop Family Book Feud Champions, winning with a perfect score.

The Book Feud is organized by the Department of Education through school librarians.

This year, seven schools competed in the feud with Charlestown secondary receiving a perfect score of 50 points, declaring them the winner. The competition was held at the Nevis Performing Arts Centre (NEPAC) on Saturday.

The premier of Nevis and Minister of Education, the Honorable Vance Amory, noted the importance of reading.

“Reading is the base for education and human growth,” he said. “Without it, even with all the technology, if one is unable to read and understand and to follow instruction and to analysis and synthesis what one has read, it really is an exercise in futility. This effort is one which is developing an important part of our people – our young people – [with] the ability to read, to read with understanding.”

Schools represented included the following:

  • Joycelyn Liburd Primary, represented by Roger Fyfield and Rajaun Fyfield
  • Charlestown Secondary, represented by Kimoy Sweeney and Brianne Chapman
  • Ivor Walters Primary, represented by Andrea Lewis and Jahmal Lewis
  • Charlestown Primary, represented by Chantel Martin and Rashida Martin
  • Violet O. J. Nicholls Primary, represented by Nathalie Hicks and Chadecia Hicks
  • Montessori Academe, represented by Elizabeth Thomas and Jenieve Thomas
  • Elizabeth Pemberton Primary, represented by Neila Jones and Shade Bridgeman

The competition saw five rounds: folk and fairy tale, nursery rhymes and riddles, bible stories, Nevisian history and science. At the end of the rounds, though Charlestown Secondary was the clear winners, there was a three-way tie for first runner up between the VOJN , Ivor Walters and the Charlestown Primary school. The tie breaker went into sudden death, which then placed the Charlestown Primary in runner-up position, VOJN in second runner-up position and the Ivor Walters Primary in third runner-up position.

Londa Brown, schools’ library coordinator, told the Observer that the activity was “successful” and it went well. She noted that the participating families enjoyed themselves.

Brown disclosed the continuous support for the cooperate community in both Nevis and St. Kitts and the people who would have volunteered their services to the book feud during the past eight years. And said that she is appreciative of all sponsors, including Warners One Stop, the Nevis Association of South Florida, Sasche, Pemberton, Price Busters, Horsford Furniture and Appliances Show Room Nevis, Ashbury, Photo Fantasy, NEVLEC, Rams Supermarket, Best Buy Supermarket, Horsford Value Mart , RBTT Bank, First Caribbean International Bank, Nagicao, Sagico, Hermitage, Nisbetts, Four Seasons, Mt. Nevis, Lime Beach Bar, Sunshines, Turtle Time, National Insurance LEFCO, Daniel Brantley and Associates, Perkins Island Water, Oualie, TDC, FannyVarity Store, Alecia Brown and Sandren Nolan. We just want to thank them for their continuous support towards the Family Book Feud.

The Warner One Stop Family Book Feud began in 2010.