Chief Prison Officer dies in route to Nevis cause of death still unknown

Chief Prison Officer Lawson Crosse
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By Monique Washington  

The cause of the sudden death of a prison officer is still unknown, according to Police Public Relations Officer Grel Browne.

The 7 a.m. trip from St. Kitts to Nevis on the MV Sea breeze ended with a Chief Prison Officer dying of what appears to be natural causes in route to the Charlestown Pier.

Dead is chief officer Lawson Crosse of St. Kitts who served at Her Majesty’s prison for over 24 years.

According to information received when the boat got into the channel (where the water from St. Kitts and Nevis meet), Mr. Crosse was noted in a “chilled” position. When he was approached, Crosse was unresponsive.

According to persons on the boat Crosse became unresponsive about 10-15 minutes before the boat docked in Nevis. The ambulance was alerted shortly after.

One eyewitness who was at the pier in Nevis when the boat docked told the Observer that the boat docked at the Charlestown pier around 8 am. Passengers disembarked the boat and the ambulance did not arrive as yet. The M.V Sea Hustler left Nevis to St. Kitts at 8:30 am and the ambulance still did not arrive as yet. Upon the ambulance arrival Crosse was pronounced dead.

The Observer contacted Superintendent for Prisons Junie Hodge. He said that Crosse had recently returned from a two month vacation and noted that his trip to Nevis was for work purposes. Crosse was head at Her Majesty Prison Farm in Nevis.

“He was a hardworking man, and disciplined in his work” Mr. Hodge said.


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