Story Courtesy of Sealife Education Centre (Oualie Beach, Nevis) ” Creatures of the sea and creatures of the land got a little closer during a two-week education event held at Oualie Beach on Nevis. Almost 50 children ” a mix of foreign students and young people from St. Kitts and Nevis ” attended Sea Camp, run by marine biologist Barbara Whitman from Under the Sea Sealife Education Centre based at Oualie. Many of the children were there courtesy of sponsors who provided tuition for students recommended by the Ministry of Education.” For many it was their third and fourth year attending Sea Camp which first began eight years ago. The session began in mid-July. Tuesday Online Code for Issue # 720 is PBK The first week campers learned about marine invertebrates such as sea stars, sea urchins, lobsters and conch.” The second week was devoted to endangered and threatened species. Each week children took swimming and snorkeling lessons and learned how to pilot a boat.” Andre Theron volunteered his expertise and instructed the children in survival skills. The sessions ended with the tagging and release of a small green sea turtle that had been accidently caught by local fishermen in a net three weeks earlier.” The turtle was held in a large aquarium at Under the Sea so that children could learn about sea turtles up close and personal.” Lemmule Pemberton from the Department of Fisheries came to Sea Camp and demonstrated how to tag a turtle and record important information.” On Friday, August 1, two dozen Sea Campers stood on the dock at Oualie Beach Resort and cheered on a little green sea turtle as he swam off to his ocean home sporting shiny new tags on his front flippers. Then they went back to the camp headquarters in a tent at Oualie to collect their certificates.” Each week, children were recognized for their efforts.” Each camper received a certificate of completion and some received awards for their outstanding accomplishments.” Awards went to: Nicholas Cozier: Best Senior Camper Week One Elijah Odie: Best Junior Camper Week One Stephan Meade :Best Camper Week Two Best Boat Handler: “Navin Muniram, Stephan Meade, Steffon Sealey Most Improved Snorkeler:” Khaila Cozier Best Snorkeler:” Alix Theron, Sophie Theron Best at Survival Skills:” Mandela Caines, Steffon Sealey, Nicholas Cozier Best at Marine Biology:” Taylor Tyson Ms. Whitman expressed her appreciation for those who supported Sea Camp. “We would also like to thank Four Seasons Resort Estates, Mansa’s One Stop , Nevis Spring Water, Oualie Beach Resort and TDC” for their help and generosity.” Thanks go to marine biologists Melanie Worob, Sarah Guarancini and Angela Pizza from New Jersey, USA who came to Nevis at their own expense and volunteered their time as instructors.” Our appreciation goes to Samantha Wilson from St. Kitts who assisted at the camp and Andre Theron for his monumental fundraising efforts,” she said.