China Calls for US to End Blockade, Make Peace with Cuba

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Beijing, Jun 2 (Prensa Latina) China has firmly rejected the US efforts to tighten the blockade against Cuba under the pretext of the fight against terrorism, by calling for international unity against this scourge.

Zhao Lijian, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that Washington must not hide behind a common enemy for all humanity aiming to keep up that position towards the island.

The official advocated that the two countries develop normal ties based on equality and mutual respect because – he assured – it would be beneficial for their interests, for both peoples, and for the peace and stability of Latin America.

The diplomat also referred to the condemnation statement presented by the Cuban Foreign Ministry to the White House’s decision to include the country in the list of nations that allegedly do not cooperate with the US anti-terrorism efforts.

That document offers details on the lies told by the State Department to justify such a move on May 13.

Washington mentioned among its pretexts the presence on Cuban soil of members of the Colombian National Liberation Army, claimed by Bogota after the breakdown of the peace talks headquartered in Havana.

Cuba’s Foreign Ministry reiterated its support for Colombian peace, after describing the US accusation as weak, dishonest, ‘meaningless and facilitated by the ungrateful attitude of the Duque government.’

Furthermore, Zhao Lijian expressed that as a country that has been a victim of terrorism, Cuba deplores any form of manipulation and political opportunism to tackle such a sensitive issue as the fight against terrorism.

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