Chris Gayle is certainly not one of my most liked cricketers but I’ll definitely give another feather in his cap for his action against Sulieman Benn during the 4th ODI against South Africa, which the West Indies lost. Benn was asked to leave the field By his captain who after the match stated, “I actually asked him to leave the field,” “As a captain, it was a situation like you ask a particular bowler to do it and he said he had never done certain things before. That’s why you have practice sessions, to practice. I asked him to simply bowl over the wicket. I don’t see why it should be a problem. “He wasn’t up for it and if you’re not up for it, why give that particular bowler the ball. I just see it that he [Benn] doesn’t want to take part. It was my call to actually ask him to leave and tell him that he is not needed anymore.” Say what you may about Chris Gayle, he has bravely stated his remarks for and against team players and their performances without holding much back. Like Viv Richards before him, Gayle expects and demands high standards from his players and when it is not forth coming, his wrath is not always hidden. It is my belief that our West Indian players have not gotten to grips with the serious nature of their roles as international players and subsequently, the pathetic performances we’ve seen over the past decade and a half are truly reflective of those we have representing us at the highest possible level. Players are seemingly on our team for the spotlight and payments only. Performance seems not to be part of the package. Although Gayle has under performed in this series, he is captain and his record speaks for itself. He must, however, demand maximum from his players and if they are not willing to, or cannot perform to international standards, they should be replaced. I support captain Chris Gayle with his decision to send Sulieman Benn off the field for refusing to bowl over the wicket as requested. Any international bowler, who cannot respond to such a request or simply refuses to, should not be included in any such team. Poor behavioral attitudes, indiscipline and failure to accept their jobs as professionals, have been the stigma to the talent most of our players have. If captain and management can root such individuals out of the team and replace them with more serious and dedicated players, our team might once again be on the way to start winning matches. However, I’m still opined that West Indies will not win any match of this series. With a three match test series looming, the stakes are high.