By Loshaun Dixon

Basseterre, St. Kitts-The Pogson Medical Facility in Sandy Point has benefitted from the donation of new equipment from the Christophe Harbour Foundation to assist the facility in it healthcare delivery in Sandy Point  and surrounding communities.

A delivery bed, four cardiac monitors and three nebulizers were among items donated by the Christophe Harbour foundation to the medical institution.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony Tammy Darby, wife of Christophe Harbour CEO Charles ‘Buddy’ Darby, gave background into the work of the foundation and praised Deputy Prime Minister the Hon. Shawn Richards.

“We love to focus on health, wellness , education and youth development and he (Richards) has been so much help in showing us different ways we could try to be a part of this beautiful community,” SHE SAID.

Mrs. Darby said they are happy they can actually go out and do some positive things in the community and that has always been a focal point of her family.

“We are a family business…we are here for a duration and I hope my grandsons will be helping in the community when they get older,” she declared.

She added that they are very involved with children and went to the JNF hospital and visited the paediatric ward and that is where the idea for the donation was made.

“The Deputy Prime Minister was instrumental in helping make a lot of different decisions in getting these medical supplies. We hope that this is going to make an impact in this community and be very helpful for everyone,” she said.

“We are conducting a professional teachers workshop in May at Sandy point Primary School that we hope would be instrumental in helping the teachers use the internet and different sources through the internet in being able to bring specific things to the classroom and if that is successful we are hoping to do it throughout the Federation

Darby stated that they have done a lot of work with the Cayon Primary School and Cayon High Schools.

“I’ve become very close with both of their principals and we make annual if not every time we are here visits to see how they are doing and see what we can do to help them,” she said.

Darby indicated that they look forward to helping in whatever the community needs.

Deputy Prime Minister Shawn Richards in accepting the supplies took pleasure in receiving the donation.

“She and I had a number of conversations pertaining to education, healthcare and youth initiative. I am indeed happy that these conversations have actually resulted in tangible benefits to persons who will be utilizing this facility,” he said.

Mr. Richards noted that surrounding the medical facility was a number of educational institutions including the Sandy Point Preschool, Nursery, Sandy Point Primary School and the Sandy Point High School.

“The students of course utilize this facility and I am quite sure that thay along with the many other persons served by this facility would be happy to know that when they come here they can get adequate treatment in part due to the donation received this afternoon,” he said.

He added that the first intervention is of critical importance in many circumstances relating to health and the donation would help assist in that regard.

“So for persons being able to come here and knowing that there are machines whatever is to deal with that first diagnosis to be referred elsewhere or to stay right here and receive further treatment,” he said.

He handed over the equipment to the Minister of Health Senator Wendy Phipps.

Ms. Phipps in taking the donation stated that the equipment would supplement the supplies already at the institution.

“Your donation really compliments what is already a positive history of public private partnership in our community in terms of healthcare delivery and it will certainly add to the existing equipment and stock we do have here especially as it relates to the nebulizers and cardiac monitors,” she said.

Phipps added that although there is a labour and delivery ward at the facility most if not all of deliveries takes places in Basseterre but in emergency scenarios a delivery bed now at Pogson can be of critical importance.

The health minister handed over the supplies to Matron Sonia Daley Findley.