The Christophe Harbour development has bounced back from issues caused by Hurricanes Maria and Irma that rocked the Federation earlier this year. But work has continued on the project which is already hosting events and yachts in the new marina.

According to Jon Gersonde Vice President of Operations at Christophe Harbour, “We felt the brunt of it obviously nothing like our neighbours but we lost over 100 major trees, “ Gersonde told reporters.

He added that though it may not look like it was affected a lot of work was needed to get the area back up to standards that it had.

“We hosted an event about three weeks ago where we brought about 140 people from all over the world. All the land owners came in for what we called the Member/Guest weekend and they were amazed at how the peninsula looked and it did not even looked like there had been a hurricane.”

The Christophe Harbour Executive noted that the landscaping team ought to be commended for their work on the vegetation that had been affected.

“But if you came out her one week after the vegetation looked pretty week. We are very happy with how it looks, the landscaping team worked extremely hard to get it where it is.”

Gersonde also updated on the latest development works happening on Christophe Harbour. “The next big milestone for us is the opening of the Customs house and we will be able to house customs and immigration there all year long.”

He noted that, that facility is expected to open its doors by the early part of 2018 and will serve the Marina and house Custom and Immigration officials.

“We continue to move forward, we are on a positive development. The Customs House is about 75-80 percent completed we are continuing to work on it and expect it to be finished by Spring. That will be a huge step forward for us and we are looking forward for the whole Marina Village being completed.”

He also commented on the opening of the Park Hyatt which forms part of the Christophe Harbour development. “The Park Hyatt was a huge milestone. It is an amazing facility and everyone involved with it should be quite proud of the facility.”

Christophe Harbour is a luxury Caribbean residential development located on the Southeast Peninsula on St. Kitts, The residential resort community is a developing, vibrant destination, without unwanted hustle and bustle.

Features of Christophe Harbour includes a yacht marina, The Pavilion private beach club, award-winning SALT Plage beach bar, and the 5-star Park Hyatt hotel and is also expected to include a championship golf course.