Financial Secretary Hilary Hazel

Claims that there is dissension between high-level public servants at the Ministry of Finance were “recklessly false and malicious”, the ministry said in a press statement.

The Ministry of Finance said the claims were that there was unhappiness among some staff were over the handling of the economy by Harris, who is also the finance minister.

The ministry added that the state of the economy was “better today than it has been in recent times.”

Financial Secretary Hilary Hazel said the claims were without merit and the staff worked to support the government in a professional manner.

“The staff of the Ministry of Finance executes its tasks, such as giving high-quality advice, in the utmost professional manner as we strive to support the government’s fiscal and economic mandates,” said Hazel.

“There is full and mutual support in our common endeavour to achieve strong fiscal results, and this unified approach is working.”

The ministry in its statement said that the successful working relationship with Harris was “evidenced by a number of outstanding achievements” including the meeting of fiscal targets over the past four years.

“The economy has grown consistently over the last four years and is expected to grow again this year, all things being equal,” said the ministry.

The country has also kept its public debt to below 60 percent, compared to 145 percent in 2010 and has repaid all its debt to the International Monetary Fund.

“The Government has also paid $100 million in relation to the land-for-debt swap, reclaiming some of the land for the benefit of the people and also substantially reducing the payout under the dividend guarantee arrangements.”