124 packages of cocaine and other exhibits being burned at a secure site.

The Anti-Narcotics Unit destroyed 124 packages of cocaine seized by members of the security forces last year, along with thousands of kilograms of compressed marijuana, a large number of uprooted marijuana plants that had been seized by Police, and a number of other exhibits that Tuesday.

The street value of the cocaine was estimated at over $12 million Eastern Caribbean Dollars and the bust was one of the largest ever recorded.

The cocaine burnt was seized following a search carried out on a yacht that ran aground on Nov. 3, Sergeant Carlene Phipps, who oversees the Anti-Narcotics Unit, said. She also noted that no arrests had been made in the case.

Sergeant Phipps said the marijuana was seized from a number of operations, as well as from packages handed over by Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise Department, and reminded the public that the importation and distribution of marijuana is still an offense and can lead to an arrest.

“We know that the drug law has been amended where 15 grams is the legal limit that one could have but bear in mind that anything over 15 grams is arrestable. You can be charged with Possession of Cannabis with Intent to Supply,” she said.