Come Fly With Me: New Bullet Plane Design Could Change Private Jet Travel And Save Planet.

Photo: Otto Aviation. This bullet-shaped aircraft has very low fuel consumption.
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Yorba Linda, Calif.–Aug. 26, 2020–Otto Aviation today introduced the Celera 500L, the most fuel-efficient commercially viable passenger aircraft in the world.

Otto Aviation has completed 31 successful test flights with its groundbreaking Celera 500L.

This plane, which can carry 6 passengers in comfortable seats makes private air transportation more affordable while reducing carbon emissions and could revolutionize private jet travel, making it affordable to a much larger number of people.

Exactly what effect it might have in the Caribbean remains to be seen, but an inter-island hop-on, hop-off air bus service is not unimaginable.

Its official unveil comes with some very bold claims. This private airplane can travel at speeds of up to 460 mph (740 kph) and comes with incredible fuel economy (18 to 25 mpg / 7.6-10.6 kml), which means it’s able to travel the distance between any two U.S. cities without needing to stop to refuel.

Operating costs are also surprisingly low, at $328 an hour, and the estimated range is of 4,500 nautical miles.

The Celera 500L utilizes extensive laminar flow over the fuselage, wings, and tail surfaces to reduce drag and achieve superior aerodynamics, speed, and fuel efficiency.

Although the makers do not describe the engine, the plane appears to be powered by a single mechanical propeller mounted at the rear of the aircraft and two small jet engines mounted on top of the rear fuselage.

The prototype does not have windows, but the manufacturers have promised that the passenger version will have windows that will be flush with the fuselage and not impede the airflow around the vessel.

The manufacturing detail delivers cruise efficiencies unmatched by conventional aircraft while offering a clean-sheet design that will completely alter the way people and parcels travel.

“Innovation at its core is solving a problem without conventional bias. Our goal was to create a private aircraft that would allow for direct flights between any city pair in the U.S. at speeds and cost comparable to commercial air travel,” said William Otto Sr., Chairman and Chief Scientist of Otto Aviation.

“In many cases, individuals and families will be able to charter the Celera 500L at prices comparable to commercial airfares, but with the added convenience of private aviation. We believe when the price of private air travel is competitive with commercial air travel, an enormous market opportunity will result.

For more detailed information on the specifications of the plane, readers may go to the Web site of the manufacturer, Otto Aviation.


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