Introduction : Over the pass years, our nation has witnessed the vicious execution of many of our fellow citizens. Many of whom were just babies. They were victims of acts, which could have being averted if the appropriate mechanism was put in place to address and eradicate crime. Instead, their parents and friends were told By the heartless and insensitive Prime Minister (PM) that he was not responsible for any tragic situation they might confront. These individuals were only seeking a word of comfort, from those whom they asked to govern and provide them with adequate security. Instead, Prime Minister{PM} offered nothing but cynical and uncompassionate remarks. Allow me to afford you the dignified and decent response you deserve as a grieving nation. The Response I would like to express on behalf of the families our mutual condolences and sympathy for the tragic loss of their loved one. We as nation share your sorrow, and offer you our love and willing ear. Evil exists among us, but we should take every opportunity to allow good to triumph over evil. Seek refuge in the divine and proven word of God in this moment. You must determine what decisions you make as they regard your own eternal salvation. Your sons and daughters have lived their lives and their journey here has ended. Now, they have gone on to meet their Maker. The worries of this world they have escaped. May their soul rest in peace. The scriptures remind us that man is born of a woman, and his existence on earth is only for a short period of time. Death is inescapable. We will all die at some subsequent time. It is our responsibility when we face our Heavenly Father to make our calling and election sure with our Creator. In such a moment of profound tragedy, it is human for us to begin to question why God allowed this to happen. The answers no person may ever be able to give, but know for sure that the God whom we serve is just, merciful, and his judgment is righteous. “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord. I will repay.” God will deal with this matter in His own good time. It is not man’s place to do so. This is an opportunity to reaffirm our own commitment to our Creator. At this moment we reflect on our own humanity and how fragile and certain that death is. We must adequately prepare to meet our maker when our time has come. The scriptures remind us that the Lord should be our light and our Salvation. If he is our Savior and our Salvation, whom, then, shall we fear? The Lord will be your strength. He will uplift you in this moment of deep grief and sorrow. Make your calling and election sure, for there is no doubt, you will then be able to say, as did Paul,” I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. Henceforth, there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me on that day; and not me only, but to all that love His appearing. ” 2 Timothy 4:7,8 The great apostle Paul suggests to us today that we must make a conscientious effort amidst all the challenges and difficulties of life, to devote our efforts in trying to meet the expectations of our Creator. If we attain this goal, there is no doubt that in the final analysis of our lives. If we are righteous, just and faithful in our dedication to the will of God, we too will be able to exclaim resoundingly and with great affirmation that we have fought a good fight and God has laid up a crown for us in Heaven. In the words of Solomon, “Let us hear the conclusion of this whole matter, Fear God and keep his commandment for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment whether it be secret thing, or whether it is good or evil.” Now let us take comfort in the thought shared today and know that if we live a righteous life, we will have hope of uniting one day with our Creator, the God of Heaven and Earth. It would turn their tragedy into a true blessing if you could find a way to turn something terrible that happened to someone you love into something good– into a tribute to their memories. Good can come from evil, sadness can, in time, grow into joy! You will grieve. You should grieve! You will miss your beloved one’s always, every day. But turn your grief into an opportunity that God has given to you to make his or her loss into a blessing, through you, to everyone whose lives you touch from this day on. You can make a silver lining from a terrible, black cloud. I personally know of one young lady, Katie, whose father was killed when she was only 16. She was heartbroken and in deep, deep sorrow. She attended some very good grief counseling following his death, and then turned her grief and sorrow into action– By helping others. She saw a need in her community, attended a seminar to learn how to set up a grief counseling group for her friends and classmates if they should suffer the death of a loved one just as she had. Then the very weekend after she got this counseling group trained and set up at her church, her best friend’s brother was suddenly killed in a car wreck. Her grief-counseling group came right to her friend’s aide and helped her deal with her loss positively. Many such cases occurred in between, but now, eight years later, Katie has a college degree in Psychological Counseling and is planning to continue, in her father’s memory, to help others deal with the tragedies in their lives in a positive way. She has such a gift for reaching out to others in pain, and has used this tragedy in her own life to make a difference in the lives of others We should, perhaps, live every day As if it were our last And treat, as if for final time, All those with whom our lives are cast! I challenge you to do the same. Seek opportunities to turn your beloved one’s death into a living memorial By fulfilling this poem and By serving God By serving your fellow human beings. Our nation can become a better nation, if we as a people develop values written in the book of all ages (the Bible). You can right a wrong By doing will. Blessed be the name of the Lord.