Commissioner Brandy informs Richards its unethical to change police reports

Commissioner of Police, Hilroy Brandy.
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Commissioner of Police Hilroy Brandy has informed Deputy Prime Minister Shawn Richards that he cannot ethically alter a police report as it relates to the last lap bar incident that mentions Richards’ name.

Richards claimed in recent weeks that his name being mentioned in the police report in the matter where Tourism Minister Lindsay Grant is accused is the reason for him not attending Cabinet meetings for more than two months.

Brandy responding to a letter sent by Richards notified him it was unethical for him to alter the information in reports by officers.

“Please be advised that it is not in my authority to alter any statement given to me by any of the Officers under my command. Sir, this will be unethical of me to alter any Officer’s statement. Further, you are in no way implicated in any report sent or given to me concerning the incident which allegedly occurred at Last Lap Bar on the morning of 8th January 2022. “

Grant was charged on Thursday, March 03, 2022, for the offences of Beating a Police Officer in the Execution of her Duties and Assaulting a Police Officer in the Execution of his Duties stemming from the incident at Last Last Bar.
He was served with both summonses for the offences on Tuesday, March 08.

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