Her Majesty's Prison

The Commissioner of Corrections, Terrance James, praised the academic programme at Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) as a successful initiative in inmate rehabilitation and healthy self-esteem during an appearance on the “Working for You” programme.

The Commissioner of Corrections said the objective of the prison’s rehabilitation programme is to reduce the incidence of recidivism — a concept where ex-convicts repeat offences that land them back in prison.

Speaking in reference to the academic programme at HMP, Mr. James said “we have heard of inmates having 15 and 16 subjects from CXC and CAPE.”

The Commissioner singled out Vincent Fahie, saying he teaches other inmates academic subjects such as Biology, Economics, Math, English, Accounts and Chemistry, and  Antwan Thompson, who teaches other inmates Spanish.

The Commissioner added there are two inmates teaching civilians at the Maurice Hillier School.

“We approached the headteacher at the Maurice Hillier School and we are able to use the school at afternoons every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,” he said, adding it is a way for the inmates to give back to society and contribute to their overall rehabilitation process.