Community Transmission Confirmed In Jamaica: Now Health Services Face Uphill Task To Control Covid-19.

Photo: Ralph Steinberger/Flickr. Pharmacy in Kingston, Jamaica. Panadol is contains the same drug as that known as Tylenol in the United States.
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Kingston, Jamaica–September 6th, 2020.

Jamaica now has community transmission of Covid-19.

Community transmission means having a large number of cases that cannot be traced back to a known contact, and an increasing level of positive tests in random screenings.

Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. Christopher Tufton revealed this at a media brief yesterday afternoon, signaling a new phase of the island’s experience with the pandemic.

“In making this declaration, we are alerting the public that the transmission of the virus can no longer be easily traced from one member of the population to the other and that the concern for the transmission for COVID-19 is now island-wide,” the Minister said further.

This phase of the pandemic may mean that the island will, over the next several weeks, see a steep rise in the number of cases reported.

While most people will not have symptoms that will require them to visit a doctor or be hospitalized, more persons may seek medical attention in private and public facilities.

Persons with mild symptoms are encouraged to stay at home and to seek medical care if their condition gets worse.

The Minister went on to say that there would still be close checking carried out at air and seaports so to prevent the importation of more cases from overseas.


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