Conform to protocols or be ticketed – Police Commander

Superintendent of Police, Cromwell Henry warns not to smoke in public.
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Conform to protocols or be ticketed – Police Commander
By Loshaun Dixon
Violators of COVID-19 protocols will now be ticketed, according to Division ‘A’ Commander,
Superintendent Cromwell Henry. This went into effect Thursday.

Henry on Wednesday said that authorities now have the ticket books on hand and they have been distributed.

“So effective tomorrow (Thursday, May 27) persons would be liable to be ticketed for any breach of these protocols that have been outlined. If a passenger bus carrying more than 50 percent passengers capacity, the driver would be liable to be ticketed.

“If a passenger is not wearing a mask on the bus, the passenger would be liable to be ticketed. If you are not practising social distancing, sanitization measures, then you will be liable also to be ticketed.”

He said the fines range from $100 up to $500 “so we ask that persons try and avoid these fines.”

Henry urged the public to comply with the protocols, noting that they were reluctant to enforce the ticketing.

“We have delayed the use of these tickets for quite a long time, it means we do not want to use them.

Please comply with the regulations and the protocols and we would not have to use the tickets.”

Addressing the curfew that started Tuesday night and ends June 8, Henry emphasized that only essential workers will be allowed to move around during that time.

“During this period of restriction of movement, every person shall remain confined to your place of residence inclusive of your yard space, to avoid contact outside of your family, except essential workers who are required to report to work, or for essential travel for medical emergencies.

“All essential workers must carry identification and official work identification where possible.”

Henry said persons who are not essential workers and are required to move during the restriction must first obtain approval from the Commissioner of Police to do so.

“The regulation makes provisions for penalties for persons found in violation, and a person found violating restrictions shall be liable to a fine not exceeding $5000 or to a term of imprisonment.”

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