The Editor:

We were positively surprised in mid-Dec., after a nine-month absence, to see the back road fully surfaced, often straightened and widened and and in many places even with fine gutters. Congratulations for a job very well done after a learning curve from the first stretch from the airport to Charlestown that was done rather poorly by a company that did not seem to know really what they were doing.

The second lot was done more professionally from downtown to Gingerland, requiring less repairs than the first. The second half looks to be the best section. Congratulations are in order because it was finished in record time too.

Speaking of repairs, the crew that came to fill the many holes on the stretch from the airport to downtown on Dec. 24 did a particularly inappropriate job this year. Many of the deep holes they filled that day are already in an equally deep and dangerous state as of the date of writing, Jan. 7, 2008, or two weeks after the job was done!

Do the people making these repairs have no pride at all in what they are doing for their fellow Nevisians? They have the tools and the asphalt and could provide a job that would last several months if they did it right the first time!

I hope the involved superiors in the government read this and go have a look around Nelson Spring area and have these holes fixed properly by a dedicated crew once and for all.

Respectfully submitted.

S. Fahrni

Zurich, Switzerland