By Saju Ng’alla

Connis — a Sandy Point dancehall artist — is destined for great things.

Statements like that should not be thrown out lightly, however Connis’ first album is that of an exceptional quality, and deserves more than just five stars in any review.

His album, Conman — Connis of the Century, has 12 tracks and was released two weeks ago.

“It took me two and half years to make this album,” said Connis, whose real name is Conrad Dore.

“When I was small and I got into trouble my family would play with my name call me ‘a little con-man. They would say I will become a little con-man when I grow up.” Connis said. “That stuck with me through school.”

The tracks were all produced on original beats by DJ Abbot and mixed and mastered at by A.U. Browne at A.U. Browne Mixing Lad in Sandy Point.

Connis said from since he was 10-years-old, he has always been passionate about music. He produced his first dancehall song when he was about 12.

“It was called ‘Boya Boya,’” Connis said. “In Sandy Point they got these worms that we pick up and say ‘Boya Boya show me the sea,’ and then the worm would turn to the sea.”

Connis went on to sing a verse from that song;

“Boya Boya

Show me the sea

Show me the place where I want to be.”

With the help of DJ Abbot, beats were produced for ‘Boya Boya,’ and it became a hit in Sandy Point at schools’ events and community festivals.

“I think it was then I knew that I wanted a career in dancehall. Number one goal then was to make a dancehall album,” Connis said.

Connis has accomplished that so far, and is already enjoying good reviews of the album.

“One of my favorite song on the album is ‘Shake You “A,”  Connis said. “It is about loving a person from a distance, and so it has a lot of passion in it — imagine not being able to be with a person, and you have no choice but to love them from a distance.

“I would not say it is a romantic song, but listening to the song you will be able to tell that I put a lot of emotion into it —

“It is the way you shake your ‘A’

That make other girls wanna move that way

Watta girl you look so lovely

Watta girl you blow my mind”

Another good track is ‘Heaven on Earth,’ which is laced with a sultry beat, which pounds away at your soul. The lyrics too are very creative and poetic.

‘Reality Check,’ is a solid song, booming with base. Also good song, is ‘Pretty Kittie Show,’ which is a mix of rap and dancehall rhythms.