Defending Parsons Domino Club in the game against Unstoppable Domino Club (forefront tables) at the Edgar Gilbert Sporting Complex pavilion in Molineux.

The two teams from Constituency Number Six clinically decimated their opponents at Constituency Number Seven’s Edgar Gilbert Sporting Complex pavilion in Molineux in Tuesday’s segment seven play of the second round of the 24th edition of the annual Constituency Number Seven Dr the Hon. Timothy Harris Domino League.

Defending champions, Parsons Domino Club, faced an early frontrunner in the battle for supremacy — Unstoppable Domino Club — whom they easily stopped 13-5 to collect the maximum points allotted for the game. Sister team Saddlers Domino Club easily beat home team Molineux Domino Club 13-4.

Former champions Unity Patriots Domino Club, playing at home at Cuban Bar in Lodge Project wrestled through with a 13-11 win over Sylvers Domino Club.

The adjacent Lodge Community Centre, in Lodge Project saw Guinness Domino Club take maximum points when they beat Small Corner Domino Club 14-9, while in the second game Christchurch Domino Club beat Giants Domino Club 13-9.

Points standing at the end of the seventh segment in the second round have defending champions Parsons on top with 74 points ahead of Constituency Number Six sister club Saddlers, with 70 points. An outstanding decision by the Executive Committee in relation to Saddlers’ game with Small Corner has yet to be ratified, and could yet put Saddlers at the top in points standing.

Behind the frontrunners are Unstoppable at 60 points; Guinness 60; Unity Patriots 56 points; Small Corner Bar 49 points; Giants 43 points; Christchurch 42 points; Sylvers 37 points; and Molineux with 32 points.

Eighth segment of play in the second round of the league will be on Thursday at four venues.

Lodge Community Centre in Lodge Project will host two games, Small Corner Bar vs. Giants, and Guinness vs. Saddlers. The Edgar Gilbert Sporting Complex pavilion in Molineux will be the battle ground between former champions Unity Patriots and Molineux; Sylvers will be at home at Sylvers Bar, Hidden Alley in Lodge Village against Unstoppable; while defending champions Parsons will be at home to Christchurch at Back Way Bar in Parsons Ground.