The containerised MP36 2.5megawatt generating set at Prospect Power Plant on December 21, 2016

Nevlec lost $1.3 million using old generator

By Monique Washington

The Nevis Electricity Company Ltd  (Nevlec) will now have some financial relief with the commission of a new containerized generator this week  after  losing over $1.3 million in the last two years from the three decade old  generators periodically going offline.

The revelation was made this past week by acting general manager of Nevelc Jervan Swanston.

In his remarks about commissioning of the containerized generator, he said “In 2015 alone having generators going offline for lack of reserved capacity we lost somewhere in the region $740,000 and up to August (2016) when the decision was taken it was $640,000.

“For us this is a welcome break to add this containerized unit to the family of the generators-set that we have.”

He noted that in the past whenever one of the generator sets goes out, 1.5 – 2.5 megawatts of power is lost.

“This is a huge chunk considering what our base load is. Usually what happens though, we are very thankful to Four Seasons and we would call them and they would go off line and go on their generators and give us that needed capacity,” he said.

In addition he said that getting spear parts to the island for the three decade old generators takes three to five months.

“We have issues with getting spare parts for the present units that we have. Most of our units ,some of them is in an excess of 30 years and whenever we need spare parts for them that is a real bother for us.  Sometimes we would have to wait in the region of 12 to 20 weeks before we can get the parts. These parts have to be fabricated because they no longer make them,” he declared.

Minister in charge of Nevlec The Hon Alexis Jeffers said Nevlec is committed to getting better.

“This is another step in the direction of getting the services that we provide on the island of Nevis in better shape. Our commitment is to ensure that we are providing reliable efficient electricity supply on the island and I am happy that we are moving in that direction,” Mr. Jeffers said.