Cop Sues New York Police Department Over Out Of Uniform Pictures.

photo: Instagram. A former cop is suing the New York Police Department over topless photos that were allegedly circulated among her fellow cops.
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A New York police officer is suing the NYPD claiming that  her nude pictures, which she gave to her former Lieutenant boyfriend while they were dating 12 years ago, were repeatedly shared among fellow cops.

As per a New York Post report, Alisa Bajraktarevic has claimed that her career has derailed. In her Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit, the 34-year-old NYPD Officer, who joined the force in 2012, informed that she sent her pictures to Lt Mark Rivera.

The lawsuit added that Ms Alisa and Lt Rivera dated for a few months in the same year when she joined the department.

However, Lt Rivera allegedly shared her topless pictures in a group text with other cops. In no time, the photos began circulating, she alleged. Ms Bajraktarevic also claimed that union delegates urged her not to file a complaint over the incident.

The report quoted one of the union delegates allegedly telling Alisa, “You are not the first or last woman this has happened to or would happen to.”

The report added that for the first time, the pictures resurfaced in April when  Alisa was accused of interfering with the officers who showed up while she was hanging out with her then-boyfriend, Kelvin Hernandez.

At that time officers surrounded her car in the Bronx, prompting both Alisa and the 33-year-old to ask what was wrong.

Alisa denied that her boyfriend was selling drugs.

Mr Hernandez, who was recording the officers, was charged with resisting arrest, according to his ongoing lawsuit against the department. It may be noted that Mr Alisa was suspended for interfering in the traffic stop of her alleged drug dealer boyfriend.

Continuing further, Ms Alisa added in the lawsuit that once the word about the aforementioned investigation was out, so were her topless pictures.

She said that her pictures were shared in NYPD group chats and text message chains, along with personal information such as her parent’s address.

She was alerted to the resurfaced pic by a union delegate who told her a retired officer sent it to a group chat — and she then received nearly daily messages from colleagues who saw or heard about it, Bajraktarevic said.

In a conversation with the New York Post, Ms Alisa said, “You do things in confidence. It doesn’t warrant you being treated like a piece of s**t.”

“It’s pretty repulsive. For 12 years they decided to keep this on their phone? It spread like wildfire. It’s bullying. I’m not the first and I’m definitely not the last but, when is it going to be enough? Because someone is definitely going to harm themselves over it. It feels like everything was swept under the rug,” she was quoted as saying.

She also shared that NYPD had failed to investigate those who circulated her private images without her consent, “an act which is now against the law”.

While declining to comment, NYPD said that it “does not tolerate discrimination or sexual harassment in any form and is committed to respectful work environments for our diverse workforce.”

Source: NDTV, New York Post.
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