The coroner’s inquest into the death of former Bobo Shanty Trevor Douglas will be the Federation’s first in ten years. The inquest comes after a year of appeals from Douglas’ family for police to make a determination on the circumstances of his killing. After Douglas’ body was discovered early March 27, 2013 between two buildings on Central Market Street, the death was labelled a homicide. Police never added it to the official murder toll for that year. It was rumored that Douglas was shot by a police officer but he kept running, seeking refuge from his pursuers between the narrow space. The shooting may have stemmed from a report made to police the night before Douglas’ body was discovered. Police were called to a scene where an individual, allegedly Douglas, had vandalized a vehicle. Officers reportedly gave chase when the perpetrator ran and fired at least one shot. Police said the matter was being investigated however communication between Douglas’ family and the police High Command soon deteriorated. The Observer confirmed that the inquest will begin Monday (May 26) at the Magistrate’s court. The hearing will be closed to the public and a jury will hear testimony from relevant parties in order to establish the manner in which Douglas died- whether suicide, accident, natural or undetermined, homicide, or murder.