File Photo: Old Road Bay , land and rock slide

Plans in place for construction in new year

By Staff Writer

A treacherous stretch of Old Road Bay that is affected by storms, hurricans and falling rovcks is being given a close look by government officials after an accident last weekend that left one person injured.

Minister of Public Infrastructure Ian Liburd said the government considered building a new road there but that it was cost prohibitive. However, he said the government presented appropriations for repair work in December and that consideration was not given at that time to budget the repairs. As a result, he added, no funds are available to make the repairs.

Mr. Liburd said, “By December, we should put all the estimates together and have it start sometime early next year.”

The work will be designed to minimize the impact that falling rocks from the hills cause to the motoring and walking public during rain and windstorms.

Although there were many discussions by former and the current administration about Old Road Bay, the Labour Administration failed to undertake the repairs.  Liburd, however, emphasized that the work would happen next year and that the repairs would include grade stabilization as well as installation of guard rails.

Liburd said the government had discussed building a new road in the area since three engineering plans are in the government’s possession. However, he said the cost would just be too expensive at this time. Instead the government is considering the option of repairing the stlopes that would open the door to build a highway. He also said on a short-term basis, the government may build speed bumps to reduce the possibility of accidents.