Course No. 27 graduates celebrate with Police Training School (retired) Inspector Carol Williams.

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts –- An anniversary celebration ceremony paying tribute to retired Police Training School Inspector Carol Williams was recently held by graduates of Training Course No. 27.

Customarily, since the group graduated from the school in 1997, they have met every year to commemorate the occasion. Strong bonds are built among officers who train together, but this group also developed close ties with their instructors. As a result, Course No. 27 has been inviting their instructors, who taught them during the training, to take part in their anniversary activities that have even included trips abroad.

Unfortunately, Inspector (Retired) Williams, who was one such instructor, had to end her participation due to physical limitations.

“For this year’s anniversary celebration, Course No. 27 decided to pay tribute to Inspector Williams,” said Corporal Marvin Thompson. “As usual, our past instructors were invited and the group took Williams out for lunch and presented her with flowers and a fruit basket. But they did not stop there; Course No. 27 went a step further and invited her three children to be involved in the activity.”

Speaking on behalf of the group, Corporal Thompson described Inspector Williams as one of the instructors who had a significant impact on them during their training.

“Such was the impact that more than 20 years later we are still saying thank you to the inspector,” Corporal Thompson explained. “We decided to celebrate with Williams, or ‘Auntie Carol’ as she is affectionately known, on her 68th birthday. We think it is only fitting to give her flowers while she is alive and able to appreciate them.”

Williams is held in high regard within the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force as she was the first female officer to reach the ranks of sergeant and inspector. She was also the first female allowed to continue serving as a Police Officer after getting married and giving birth to a child.

Thompson said the moment was bittersweet, because the group was also mourning the loss of a colleague. Sergeant Leon Powell, who was shot and killed recently, was a Course No. 27 graduate. Corporal Thompson said the group almost cancelled this year’s anniversary plans as a result of Sgt Powell’s untimely passing.

“In fact, Sgt Powell received the Best Recruit Award,” Corporal Thompson said. “He had planned to be with us as we honoured Inspector Williams. “Shabba,” as he was called, would have wanted us to go and celebrate with Auntie Carol, so we came. I could hear him saying ‘All you go man, don’t bother with that.’ But we reminisced about the times we had with him. That, in itself, was therapeutic in this painful time.”