Beverson Mills of Barnaby appeared before the District ‘C’ Court Tuesday, Oct. 29 on two counts of battery. The alleged assault occurred Aug. 6 when authorities said he beat Jane Belle on Aug. 5 while the woman was waiting for a bus to Brick Kiln. The woman said Mr. Mills threw a rock that struck her on her left arm and chest. That same day, Mills reportedly saw Jenson France sitting down smoking and asked for a cigarette. When his request was ignored, he allegedly picked up a bottle and lacerated France’s leg. After hearing the evidence, Magistrate Yasmine Clarke sentenced Mills to a year in prison on each count, with the sentences to run concurrently Kelvin Freeman appeared before Magistrate Clarke Tuesday on a charge of possession of cannabis with intent to supply. Mr. Freeman was reportedly stopped and searched by police after disembarking from the MV Mark Twain on Sept. 27 at the Charlestown Pier. The search reportedly turned up 29 ‘dime’ bags of marijuana on his person. Freeman told the Magistrate he smokes and had intended to sell the herb in Nevis. She found him guilty and fined him EC$2,500, to be paid within six months or serve six months at Her Majesty’s Prison. Damieu Powell and Travis Clarke appeared before Magistrate Clarke on charges of theft of a motorbike valued at EC$5,500 owned by Pierre Borg who said he had last seen his bike on his property June 22 of this year. The suspects were caught when police officers observed them working on the motorbike which had been altered to change its appearance, according to Police Prosecutor Inspector Stephen Hector. He said the bike had been painted a different color and that the serial number had been scratched off. Mr. Clarke and Mr. Powell were both sentenced to 12 months at Her Majesty’s Prison.