Anastasha Elliott at Carifesta 14.

Carifesta 14 has opened windows of opportunity for many regional product vendors, including St. Kitts and Nevis vendor Anastasha Elliott, through a Caribbean stage that has global reach.

Elliott was asked to give a presentation summarizing her journey to becoming a young and successful female entrepreneur in Siparia, Trinidad, just a stone’s throw away from Venezuela.

The initiative was organized by Agripreneur Mastermind Programme (AMP) of Trinidad and Tobago, which provides a platform for young people who are interested in agriculture to plan, run, and maintain a related business.

Elliott spoke to the importance of erasing the stigma that agriculture is dirty work. She also spoke to the establishment of business network.

Lead organizer for the initiative, Alpha Sennon, dubbed the event “Cousoumeh”, a traditional term that means all the flavours have come together well in the pot.

Homemade wines, local cuisine, homemade soaps, hair products, locally-made chocolate and accessories accentuated the event, proving Carifesta 14 is indeed a melting pot of culture, cuisine and music – the glue of the Caribbean islands.