COVID-19 protocols prepared for Sept. 7 reopening educational facilities

Dr. Debbie Isaac, Chief Education Officer, outlines the steps that will be taken to safeguard everyone.
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BASSETERRE, St. Kitts –- Several learning institution protocols to implement and cater to health and safety during the 2020-2021 school year beginning Sept.7 are being prepared by the Ministry of Education.

Chief Education Officer, Dr. Debbie Isaac, outlined the steps that will be taken to safeguard everyone.

“All students, staff and visitors who arrive at the school compounds are required to wear a mask that covers both their nose and mouth,” said Dr. Isaac. “We want to ensure that our students, staff members, and administrators know that as they come into the schools they are wearing their masks properly. No one will be allowed on the school compounds wearing handkerchiefs, scarfs or bandanas (head ties).

Dr. Isaac said temperature checks will be carried out daily and results will be recorded in a screening record book.

“Temperatures will be checked using an infrared thermometer,” said Dr. Isaac. “Any student who is found to have an elevated temperature above 99 degrees Fahrenheit will be asked to sit for five minutes in an area [set] aside for them. We will recheck them after five minutes. Students whose temperatures remain elevated will be taken to the isolated area. Parents will be notified to collect their children and take them to the nearest health facility, then the school principal of will notify the Ministry of Health.”

Dr. Isaac said staff and visitors who show respiratory symptoms and have high temperatures will not be allowed to enter the premises. If a staff member or student develops flu-like symptoms while on the compound they will be taken to the designated isolation area. Students will remain there until their parents collect them.

“Measures are being put in place to accommodate social and physical distancing,” said Dr. Isaac. “Distance markers are placed on the floors in offices, classrooms, hand sanitization stations and cafeterias.”

She appealed to everyone to comply with the instructions given by the security guards.

Posters with information and direction will be mounted all over the institutions and students will be kept informed concerning the protocols.

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