A section of the Craddock Road from Big Rock to Pinney’s near TDC where refurbishment work will commence Monday.

Dr. Ernie Stapleton, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communications and Works, seeks the public’s patience and cooperation as the Craddock Road Rehabilitation Project recommences Monday.

The Ministry of Communication and Works officially made the disclosure Friday during a site visit to Lower Happy Hill Drive, another area in which road works would simultaneously be conducted in Charlestown.

“We continue to seek the cooperation of the general public in this area in Charlestown as well as in the Craddock Road area where we will be recommencing the road reconstruction from Big Rock to Pinney’s by TDC,” he said.“In terms of the drainage work and the reconstruction of the road. The [Nevis] Water Department also would be installing additional pipelines continuing from where they left off last year, and so we are asking the traffic and the general public to bear with us and we seek your cooperation as we try to improve the road conditions in the area.”