Story courtesy of the West Indies Cricket Board

(Antigua) – West Indies Cricket will once more be at the pinnacle of World Cricket.  This key premise of the Governance Committee of the West Indies Cricket Board is the basis of a Strategic Plan for 2008 – 2012 which was approved in principle by the Board at a meeting in Antigua on February 22 – 23.

The President of the WICB, the Honourable Dr. Julian R. Hunte, in opening the first of two special meetings on Governance and the Strategic Plan held on February 23, 2008, commented on the synergy between the two issues.  He pointed out that the Board’s actions in future will be determined by the recommendations of the Governance Committee and the Strategic Plan.

The Board, upon receipt of the Report of the Governance Committee, asked its Member Boards to review the recommendations and to attend the Special Meeting held on February 22, 2008 to discuss how best to integrate the best practices included in the Report with its strategic planning. The strategic plan, presented by CEO, Dr. Donald Peters, addresses most of the recommendations of the Governance Committee.  These include strong support for school and club cricket, reinforcing the role and resources of Territorial Boards, developing a professional league, focusing on improving the performance of the West Indies Senior Team, initiating a management audit and improving the confidentiality and credibility of the Board and creating a strategic plan.

The Strategic Plan of the Board has included all these elements and has as its specific objectives:

•        West Indies teams will improve their current standings and will be among the top four teams in the world by 2012.

•        The WICB will be a world class organization that is flexible, responsive and accountable by 2012.

•        The WICB will develop cricket at all levels and in all countries of, the region, and will have a 300% increase in the pool of available players for each aspect of the sport by 2012.

The Board also agreed to continuing negotiations with different organizations, including Stanford 20/20, for agreements that will significantly improve the Board’s finances and enhance the thrust in cricket, especially cricket development.  The Board will also seek to have a professional league in place by 2009.

In the meantime, the Board is preparing a report for discussion with the Sub-Committee on Cricket of the CARICOM Heads of Government.