Cricket; not so lovely cricket.

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There is a spin bowler in the Federation, and he is bamboozling the gullible.  How?

Social Security signed a contract with a local entrepreneur to develop 50 lots in the St Peters area for middle and low income earners.  No money was passed from Social Security to the developer.  But within a few moments, that proposal was spun into one in which $25M was passed under the table, from Social Security, to a sister of PM Harris (which one?) for whom the and the developer is fronting .  It doesn’t matter that the said developer has a track record, nor that he is related through marriage to former PM Douglas.

That spin was given greater flight when former PM Douglas took to the airwaves to suggest that Social Security has created competition for its (Labour) Beacon Heights, by the creation of this (Unity) project.

The PEP programme is to be morphed into STEP to prepare workers for the new hotels to be opened later this year on the peninsula.  Almost immediately, some PEP workers, given the spin, congregated at Church Street, dressed in all black, to demand contracts.  Amazing, considering that they never had contracts before.   Besides, any contract they receive now will of necessity debar them from doing the second and third job that many of them had and to which Labour collaborated – in defiance of their originally stated intention.

Meanwhile, over in Nevis, JWP has been manoeuvred into condemning an act that he and his predecessors once did, although there is nothing constitutionally wrong with it. So we ask the Umpire (the people) which of the candidates will be greater – the Federal or the local? Who will have the ultimate control? This aspect is unexplained.

The ball with the greatest flight is the one about Ms Richards. According to the former PM, Ms Richards outed herself from behind her face-book page and then threatened to do harm to him.  This one is so huge, that it calls for a challenge; and that challenge requires a replay in very slow motion.

In the game of cricket, we are reminded that before a batsman is given out, the umpires always check first to ensure that the ball is legal.  It is our opinion that this over has 6 no-balls in it. As a good captain, it is time to change the bowler or watch the spectators leave the stadium.

If we will play cricket, let the game be fair.

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