Cricket takes centrestage

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Next week India and the West Indies will play against each other in the One Day International cricket match at the newly renovated Warner Park.

The Local Organizing Committee of the event has boasted that an influx of people is expected over the weekend.

The economy is sure to benefit from this. Especially since people have started to arrive in the Federation since yesterday.

These people are going to be looking for places to go and eat, shop, lime and even party.

It is hoped that the business owners of St. Kitts will rise up the occasion and provide for these people.

It is not just the restaurants and hotels, that will benefit, but also the club owners, DJs and the person selling coconuts on the streets.

We all have part to play in this and we all can benefit.

Also, we must be aware that the stadium was not built just for World Cup Cricket but to attract international cricket in the future.

We are going to need to be at our best, to show that we can handle the future matches of the West Indies team in 2008 and beyond.

People do need to come out and attend the match on Tuesday. Yes, we have heard that there will be some restrictions, but Kittitians always find away to have fun.

And, it is really impossible to take the fun out of cricket. These restrictions are simply in place for security reasons.

A person can still drink his beer, shout for joy or pain, and enjoy the cricket: It is all about the cricket.

So, are you ready for some cricket?

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