Amal Whyte and Devon “Patches”Fyfield are now standing trial for a murder committed more than nine years ago. Whyte, now 29, of Trafalgar Village, and Fyfield, now 31, of Wades Garden, were charged in 2009 with killing elderly businessman Hubert Phipps in his Wades Garden home in June 2005. According to police, so much time had lapsed before the arrests as they were awaiting forensic reports from the FBI. Police did not have to look far for their suspects as both were at Her Majesty’s Prison serving sentences for other crimes. Whyte, along with his teenage brother, was in 2006 found guilty of attempting to kill his uncle with a machete in Feb 2005. Fyfield was doing time for a house breaking and larceny conviction. Dr. Henry Browne QC and Marissa Hobson are representing the accused. This is the second such case that the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution has brought to trial under its new Director, Travers Sinanan. After a 6 year lull, in May, the Crown successfully prosecuted Moses Gardener, Shenroy Francis, Nelson Challenger, Jomi Rawlins, and Glenroy Smithen for the 2008 murder of Gregory Zakers. The trial took two months and saw a number of hostile witnesses take the stand. The young men are awaiting sentencing, which is likely to be handed down during this assize.