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By L.K. Hewlett

St. Kitts Reporter

Last Friday afternoon police responded to an anonymous report that a body had been found inside a building that was being constructed at Mitchelle Street. Ironically enough, the structure, situated just opposite of the Dr. William Connor Primary School, is actually a church that is being built.

The body was that of sixteen-year-old Jumal ‘Zunkie’ Mike, a resident of Ploughground, Saddlers.

According to a reliable source, the body was bound, appeared beaten and had a gunshot wound. The source also said that the body was discovered in a hole inside the building and appeared to be ‘fresh’ as if it had been dumped there the previous night.

The young man was reportedly under witness protection as he was set to be a crown witness against suspects in a murder case where a police officer was shot. That shooting occurred about two years ago.

Mike was said to be seen ‘liming’ in the Mac Knight area even though he was originally from Saddlers and under witness protection for some months.

Police are awaiting a post mortem to determine the exact cause of the young man’s death but are said to be investigating the incident.

In an unrelated incident that occurred on Thursday afternoon, twenty four year old Terrence ‘Lass’ Hendrickson was shot in the leg by an unnamed person. Police were called to the College Street Ghaut area at about 2:10 p.m. after a 911 call reported that someone had just been shot. The wounded man was taken to the JNF hospital for treatment but was said to be ‘uncooperative’ with Police. Reports indicated that the man refused to say who had shot him and was behaving in an abusive manner when he was being questioned. Rumour has it that Hendrickson was just exiting a St. Peters passenger bus when a car rode up and someone shot at the man. Investigations are being carried out.

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