Students and teachers of the Charlestown Secondary School will today pay homage to the many persons who have shaped and impacted black history, especially in Nevis. On Friday (Feb 7) at 10.00am there will be an unveiling ceremony for the Black History Hall of Fame at the school’s Library and Media Centre. Marva Roberts, project officer at Nevis Library Service, told the Observer the unveiling ceremony “will honour civil rights activists and national heroes”. Prominent sports figure, Elquemedo Willet will be presented with a Medal of Honour and Sheila Daniel, wife of the late national hero Dr. Simeon Daniel, will receive the Medal of Honour on his behalf. The unveiling of the hall closes a week of activities for CSS and would benefit the children, Roberts said. “Every school library is doing something different,’she explained. “CSS chose to do a Hall of Fame. It is a way of educating the students so they will be aware of [civil] movements and national heroes for our country.”The featured speakers for the event are Premiere Hon. Vance Amory, an official from the Ministry of Education, and teachers of CSS.