CORAL GABLES, Fla.– “Cuba and the Caribbean,” a newly published Special Report from the University of Miami (UM), brings front-and-center it’s long history with Cuba, Haiti and other nations and communities in the Caribbean.

Reported over a period of nine months, the “Cuba and the Caribbean Special Report” showcases the breadth of research, teaching, service and other work of University faculty, students, staff and alumni throughout the Caribbean Basin.

As early as the 1930s, UM marine scientists were exploring the abundant waters of the Caribbean. In 1926, the University of Miami played one of its first football games in Cuba against the University of Havana. From coral reef restoration to exquisite architectural wonders to the study of the nuances of Caribbean literature, the scholarship – featured in more than 75 articles and 40 videos – provides a wondrous journey through the Basin.

“Our immersion in the rich and varied Caribbean cultures helps blend and weave the intricate and diverse hemispheric fabric of the University of Miami,” said UM President Julio Frenk. “We look forward to more opportunities to strengthen academic bonds, increase research and welcome diverse discourse on the humanities, politics and culture. The University of Miami has a proud history and an exciting future as a global university with a distinctive hemispheric advantage.”

The University’s work is a reflection of its focus on connecting people and ideas, on sharing knowledge and training, and on finding solutions to pressing problems in the region and globally, in areas from immigration and the economy to the environment and health care. UM faculty, exercising academic freedom in their pursuit of knowledge, continue visits to Cuba and other islands throughout the Caribbean, converse with peers and forge relationships.