Jorge Arreaza
Moscow, June 25 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza described as perverse the attempts of US congress members to propose sanctions against countries that accept Cuba’s medical collaboration.

‘Millions of people have been saved in almost 20 years of medical collaboration in Cuba, just in the case of Venezuela, although this extends to dozens of nations,’ the FM told Prensa Latina.

‘It is absurd to think that a country can be sanctioned for receiving physicians to save its people. It would not only be an empire (the US), but a necrophilic empire, an empire of death,’ he pointed out.

The US government wants to prevent so, but then what about Cuban doctors having gone to Lombardy, Italy, to the Caribbean, to Africa to fight against outbreaks of communicable diseases and other situations, where Cuban healthcare professionals have been?,” Arreaza wondered.

‘It would be unreasonable, perverse and criminal to sanction a nation for trying, with the help of Cuban doctors, to serve its citizens,’ noted the FM, who referred in this regard to the island’s work in medical cooperation in the world.

‘The only proposal to apply that type of punishment would already be something perverse, criminal and crazy, but if they approved something like that, those adjectives would be very well labeled for governments that approve such outrageousness,’ denounced the minister.