More than 7,500 have been vaccinated at SKN.

At the close of this Monday, June 14, Cuba reported 1,537 new cases of COVID-19, for a cumulative total of 160,594 since March 2020, Dr. Francisco Durán Garcías, national director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap), said in his daily television appearance on Tuesday.

Cuba woke up this Tuesday with 30,834 patients admitted: 5,718 suspected, 17,698 under surveillance and 7,418 confirmed (active cases), “70 more than the previous day, which had already been a high figure.”

Of the 7,418 active cases, 7,257 are clinically stable. A total of 161 confirmed patients are being treated in intensive care: 62 are critical and 99 severe.

During this Monday, 19,862 PCR samples were processed in the country’s molecular biology laboratories, of which 1,537 were positive, 188 more than the previous day and the highest number of cases diagnosed in one day. “It is an expression of the high contagiousness that the virus is having,” commented Durán.

Since March 2020, 4,657,880 samples have been processed, with 160,594 (3.45%) positive.

Of the 1,537 cases confirmed this Monday:

-1,489 are autochthonous, the highest number on record (183 more than on Sunday), and 48 imported.

-1,432 were contacts of confirmed cases.

-57 are still working to determine the source of infection.

-35.3% (543) of the patients were asymptomatic at the time of diagnosis, a proportion “somewhat lower than what has usually been recorded, unquestionably, it also reflects the greater virulence of the virus,” said the specialist. There are 77,600 (48.3% of the total number of cases) since the beginning of the pandemic in the country.

“1,537 new cases of COVID19 confirmed, for a cumulative 160 594. 7,418 active cases. 7,257 stable clinical course. 62 patients in critical condition. 99 patients in serious condition. 1,106 deaths. 152,014 patients recovered. 2 evacuated.”

263 cases are under 20 years of age, including 238 in pediatric ages (under 18). Already 21,505 pediatric-aged patients have been diagnosed with COVID-19 during the course of the pandemic in Cuba. Currently, there are 1,090 pediatric patients among the confirmed patients admitted, the highest number to date; of these, 75 are under one year of age.

On Monday, of the cases diagnosed in pediatric ages, 14 were children under one year of age, including nine children under six months of age, and among them a 21-day-old newborn. Of those 14 cases, 12 are contacts of confirmed cases, with an average of nine contacts reported.

In the past 15 days (May 31-June 14, 2021), an average of 183 cases per day have been reported in pediatric ages.

To date, Cuba has accumulated 1,106 deaths due to COVID-19 (eight this Monday), and 152,014 patients (94.7%) have recovered from the disease, including the 1,159 discharged on Monday.