2019 Ms Culture Nayala Danie

By Monique Washington

Falling and staying down was not an option for Nayala Daniel on her way to victory as Ms Culture Queen on Sunday night.

That’s why when Daniel slipped and fell during one segment she jumped right back up.

The slip came during Daniel’s Nevisian pride performance, falling in the middle of a dance routine while wearing a costume. Daniel quickly got back up and continued her dance routine without skipping a beat and with the same high energy.

Later, during her evening wear segment, Daniel appeared on stage with a new accessory, an ankle bandage. Despite needing medical attention, Daniel managed to model her evening wear with a gracious smile while still walking with a limp.

But the night was not over for Daniel, in the last segment, the question and answer, she appeared in a wheelchair to answer the judges’ query.

It was quite a night for Daniel and the Ms Culture Queen pageant held on August 4 at the Cultural Complex. The patrons packed the complex to witness Daniel, Nikita Thibou, Harsha Parmanand, Tereka Browne and Joneika Smithen vie for the coveted Ms Culture crown.

The ladies went head to head in five judged segments: unsung hero speech, performing talents, Nevisian pride, Cultural gown and question and answer.

At the end of the evening, Thibou captured best unsung hero speech and best question and answer segment while Daniel capture best-performing talent, best Nevisian pride, and best cultural gown segments. Daniel cried when her name was called for each winning segments .

Daniel rolled away with the Ms Culture Queen title amassing a total of 845 points, the first runner up was Parmanand who amassed 761 points and the second runner up was Thibou who accumulated 750 points.

During a live interview during the Grand Culturama Street parade, Daniel said that she received numerous calls the day after her win.

Daniel encouraged persons to “never let your tough times define you but let them refine you. So if you fall down, don’t stay down, get up.”